About Mahesh Creation Hub

Mahesh Creation Hub has been launched on May 15, 2021 and through this Creation Hub, we want to help the young and the elderly of every household in their mental and physical development through enlightenment.

Our Vision

Through Mahesh Creation Hub, we want to bring changes in the field of education and our vision is that we want to make youth successful by giving them new skills and encouraging them in the field of employment.

About The Owner


My name is Mahesh Kumar s/o Late. Nathu Singh. My mother’s name is Parwati Devi and I would like to tell something about my mother also. I received my first education from my mother, due to which I have brought all this to you in the education platform, the knowledge was that knowledge always remains by sharing knowledge and knowledge has no value. It is priceless, and keeping this in mind, Mahesh started the Creation Hub, so that everyone is educated,