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Acoustic Guitar

Trainer: Johnny Flatbeds

Music is an art that everyone loves and in today’s time everyone wants to learn it

Digital Marketing

Trainer: Priyank Bagle

Digital marketing is a skill you can use to promote your business or other business


Trainer: Rishabh

Photography can make you great because photography is very important in this world.

Scholarship Exam for 5th to 12th Class Students

Mahesh Creation Hub conducts scholarship exams every year to promote children's education and free education and prizes are awarded to children who score good marks in the exam.

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We help you achieve your goals through education and we assure you that you can achieve any of your goals through good education and knowledge.

Learn the latest skills

like business analytics, graphic design, digital marketing, and more

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An initiative for the development of children

Play is essential for the mental and physical development of children. So encourage your children to play

“When I was a child, I used to fear mathematics. But now, I am in love with mathematics because of Mahesh Creation Hub.”

Best Performer Teacher in this month

Harrison Hudson

Biology Teacher

Elizabeth Sofia

Arts and Craft Teacher

Lucy Evelyn

Maths Teacher

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